Universal Lifesaver 2 Amp Dual USB Car Charger with LED Flash Light - Black

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Product Description: LED Light Source Portable Car Flashlight with a Built-in USB Port Features:
  • This car flashlight is made of quality material for long-lasting durability. It is compact and portable in size for easy portability
  • It is fitted with a standard USB charging port that allows you to charge different USB-enabled devices easily and conveniently such as smartphones tablet PCs MP3/MP4 players etc.
  • The light beams through the glass cover are soft and comfortable for your eyes while never producing harsh brightness.
  • The energy-saving LED light source allows low energy consumption and a long lifespan of this flashlight.
  • The sleek and elegant design makes this well-designed flashlight fit in any vehicle which will bring you the ultimate user experience when necessary.

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