Bundle USB-C 20W Wall Charger with Lightning Cable

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Always have a back-up! QUICKLY charge up your device using the Spectre Shield USB-C 20W Wall Charger and Lightning Cable with its quick and easy device-to-charge compatibility.

  • 20W Output Power Supply charges your device 10x faster than conventional wall chargers.
  • Lightning Charging Cable allows you to power up your device within seconds.
  • Compact Size allows you to securely fit your charger in your bag pocket or carry-on
  • Fast Charging Bundle get both the wall charger and lighting cable in this sweet charging package.
  • USB-C Wall Charger Compatible with iPhone, Android, and other USB-C smartphone devices.
  • Lighting Cable Compatible ONLY with iPhone, or other lighting cable devices

Spectre Shields Bundle USB-C 20W Wall Charger with Lightning Cable allows you to quickly power-up all your devices with ease and convenience.

Worry less about battery shortage and enjoy more of your busy lifestyle. Order today!

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