Apple Airpods 3rd Gen Bumper Case

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The Spectre Shield Bumper Case for Apple Airpods 3rd Gen is a lightweight yet durable cover for your Apple AirPods. Easily attach to your backpack, pocket, keys, or carry-on. Made with high-quality, scratch-proof silicone and elegantly designed with a simple clean finish.

  • COMPATIBILITY WITH New Apple AirPods 3rd Generation (2021) (Note: Actual AirPods NOT included)
  • INTEGRATED RING includes complimentary loop ring which allows you to easily attach AirPod case to car keys, carry-on, bag, backpack, wallet, dog leash, and other valuable items you want to keep track of.
  • SIMPLE SLEEK DESIGN silicone material showcases a smooth elegant look and fits perfectly with your Apple AirPods to ensure they stay in one place.
  • DURABILITY Outer shell made with impact absorbing materials to guard Apple AirPods from any accidental drops or damage.

Spectre Shields Bumper Case for Apple Airpods 3rd Gen allows you to worry less about your AirPods safety and enjoy more of your busy lifestyle. Order today!

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