Case For iPhone 15 Pro Max (6.7") Simplemade 2.0 Premium Lux Leather Protective Anti-Scratch And Compatible with Magsafe With Soft Microfiber Lining And Metal Buttons - Venetian Red

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Introducing the SIMPLEMADE 2.0 Premium Lux Leather Protective Case for the iPhone 15 Pro Max (6.7"). Available in a stunning Venetian Red color, this case combines both style and functionality to keep your device safe and secure.

With features such as anti-scratch protection, MagSafe compatibility, soft microfiber lining, and metal buttons, this case is designed to provide ultimate protection for your iPhone without compromising on style. Upgrade your tech accessories with this premium quality leather case from SIMPLEMADE 2.0.

  • Brand: SIMPLEMADE 2.0
  • Size: IPHONE 15 PRO MAX (6.7")

Enhanced Protection

The anti-scratch feature of this premium leather case ensures that your iPhone 15 Pro Max is protected from scratches, scuffs, and other daily wear and tear. The soft microfiber lining adds an extra layer of protection to prevent any damage to the delicate surface of your device. With this case, you can have peace of mind knowing your phone is well-protected at all times.

Convenient MagSafe Compatibility

Designed with MagSafe technology in mind, this case allows you to easily attach MagSafe accessories to your iPhone 15 Pro Max without any interference. You can conveniently use all your favorite MagSafe accessories while keeping your phone securely in place. Whether you need a wireless charger or a magnetic wallet attachment, this case has got you covered for seamless compatibility with all your favorite accessories.

Premium Quality and Style

Made from high-quality lux leather, this case not only offers superior protection but also adds a touch of luxury to your device. The Venetian Red color exudes elegance and sophistication, making it a stylish accessory for any occasion. The attention to detail, including the metal buttons, gives this case a premium look and feel, elevating the style of your iPhone 15 Pro Max. Stand out from the crowd with this sleek and fashionable leather case from SIMPLEMADE 2.0.

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