Case For iPhone 14 Plus (6.7"), iPhone 15 Plus (6.7") High Resolution Custom Design Print - Holiday Oh Deer

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Introducing our exclusive "Holiday Oh Deer" custom design print case for the iPhone 14 Plus (6.7") and iPhone 15 Plus (6.7"). This stylish and festive case is not only compatible with the latest iPhones, but also features a high resolution print that adds a personalized touch to your device.

With its holiday themed "Oh Deer" design, this case is perfect for adding a touch of season cheer to your phone while also providing protection against scratches and bumps. Stand out from the crowd with this unique and eye-catching case, designed to bring a little extra smile to your everyday use of your iPhone 14 Plus or 15 Plus.

  • Compatible with iPhone 14 Plus (6.7") and iPhone 15 Plus (6.7")
  • High resolution custom design print case
  • Holiday themed "Oh Deer" design

Customizable Protection

Not only does this case offer a unique and festive design, but it also provides essential protection for your iPhone 14 Plus or 15 Plus. The high resolution print is not only stylish, but it also adds a protective layer to prevent scratches and bumps from damaging your phone.

Enhanced Grip

The "Holiday Oh Deer" custom design print case features a textured surface that enhances grip on your phone. This added grip helps prevent accidental slips and drops, reducing the risk of potential damage to your device.

Personalized Style

Add a touch of holiday spirit to your phone with the "Oh Deer" design, creating a truly personalized look. Stand out from the crowd by displaying your festive side while also keeping your phone safe and secure in a stylish case.

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