PLEASE READ: Please watch the videos if installing for the first time. Streaks and micro-bubbles from the installation will disappear within a few days as the film settles.

Even though the film generally dries after 3 hours, as a precaution, please allow a full 8 hours of dry time before powering on the device.

Step 1: Turn off and remove the battery of the device (only if possible). Make the application solution by adding a drop (about 1/2 tsp.) of liquid dishwashing soap to one cup of water and stir. This solution will be used to position the film(s) on the device. Thoroughly clean surfaces to be covered. You can also mix this solution in a spray bottle if you have one available.

Step 2: With clean hands, soak your fingers into the soapy solution so that you do not leave fingerprints while handling the film(s). With wet fingers, peel off the backing paper from the film, exposing the adhesive side. Dip the entire film into the solution or spray it generously if using a spray bottle, wetting it completely. Hold the film up and gently shake off excess dripping water. The film should now be moist, but not dripping wet.

Step 3: Align and apply the film unto the surface of your device. Softly squeegee out the liquid solution and use a cloth to soak up any excess moisture. A credit card can also be used as a larger squeegee.

NOTE: The film will begin to adhere to the surface as the water is squeegeed out and will no longer slide freely on the surface. If the film is not aligned correctly, remove it and start Step 2 over.

Step 4: Allow the film to dry at least 3 hours before powering the device. Micro-bubbles should disappear in the next few days.

When applying the film on a curved edge, allow the overhanging portion of the film to dry a bit until it can properly adhere to the surface. Just remember that the film adheres more the drier it becomes. Patience is key for a perfect installation.

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